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Venipuncture Refresher Skills Course

Venipuncture Refresher Skills Course

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This is a VIRTUAL refresher skills course designed for healthcare professionals whom struggled with venipuncture in the past and want to become their best in their profession.

If you possess a current licensure/certification and/or title in any of these professions you qualify for this course; MA's, PCT's, phlebotomist, LPN's, RNs, NP's, PA's, MD's, medical students, nursing students, techs, etc.

In this quick 2 week course you will have hands on skills training from an expert Phlembotomist of 20 years, that will not only assist you with enhancing your skill set but, also enhance your CONFIDENCE to complete the skill.

Completion of this course will make you more marketable in your profession, as every student will receive a certificate of completion from the course.

This is 2 week course is designed for the working professional in mind. Held every Wednesday and Friday, 10a-2p OR 3pm-7pm. (TWICE PER WEEK!)

Total program cost: $1115.00

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