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IV Certified/Venipuncture Refresher Course

IV Certified/Venipuncture Refresher Course

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This is an in person refresher skills course + IV cert. designed for healthcare professionals whom struggle with venipuncture & starting IV’s and want to become your best in your profession. OR you’d just like to REFRESH those skills. Either-way, we’ve got ya! BECOME IV CERTIFIED TODAY!

If you possess a current licensure/certification and/or title in any of these professions you qualify for this course; MA's, PCT's, phlebotomist, LPN's, RNs, NP's, PA's, MD's, medical students, nursing students, techs, etc. (must submit proof of license &/or school status) It’s HIGHLY recommended that you have some healthcare-clinical background/knowledge prior to signing up for this program.

In this quick 2 week course, (4-days total), you will have hands on skills training from an expert staff of over 20 years, that will not only assist you with enhancing your skill set but, also enhance your CONFIDENCE to complete the skill. You’ll also receive tips & tricks from an experienced ER vet.

Some things you will learn:

-Correct angle for IV insertion

-Correct needle gauge sizing appropriate for patient &/or administration needs

-Correct IV tubing insertion into IV bag, which port of IV bag to use for medication and which to use for tubing.  

-Distinguishing of needle sizes by color of IV catheter 

-How to differentiate between a smaller needle vs. a larger needle by gauge size

-Proper aseptic technique for patient preparation 

Completion of this course will make you more marketable in your profession, as every student will receive a certificate of completion from the course.

This 4 day course is designed for the working professional in mind. Held every Wednesday and Friday, 3pm-7pm. (TWICE PER WEEK!)

There are no paper or computer test or exams associated with this course. Please rest assured that you’ll be competent & CONFIDENT to perform the skill & have the knowledge to coincide with that.
All the hands on experience that you can ever imagine!

Get REFRESHED & CERTIFIED today and showcase those skills in your next healthcare role/assignment + it looks IMPECCABLE on your resume!


-Tuition fees for the program 

-Custom IV Certified tee

-All necessary supplies

-LAB time and materials, including IV start kits

-Ability to practice on manikins and REAL people 

-Your CERTIFICATE of completion 

We don’t nickel & dime you throughout the program. There’s ONE FEE and that’s it; ALL INCLUSIVE PROGRAM!


-Resume building workshop

-Assistance with employment placement 

-Opportunity to shadow pathology department/s at local prestigious hospital/s



COMING SOON…CENTRAL LINE MANAGEMENT CLASS PLUS MORE SKILL SETS! Email us if interested in this upcoming class.

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